Recording & Production Services

Big Conventions to Birthday Meetings. 10 people or 4000 people no conference is too big, no meeting is too small. We produce on-site using professional grade digital recording equipment for the best sound quality and reliability. As soon as your speaker is finished your CD or Instant Downloadable MP3 file is ready for your guests. Our individual CDs come professionally labeled in plastic jewel cases. If you have multiple speakers at your event we can make Box sets of all event speakers, professionally labeled in a multi-CD jewel case with optional custom cover art!

Want a little more sound? We have PA systems available so your speaker will be heard even back in the "Half Measures" section. Whether it's small venues that only require a little more reach to get to the back of the room or outdoor pavilions and covered picnic areas we have the system for you.

Custom Cover Art? We can work with you to design custom cover art for your singles or box sets to give your event a little something extra special. Already have art you'd like to use? Not a problem! Provide us with a jpg file and we'll incorporate it into your singles or sets.

Our Fees... (Our fees are determined by the size of your event, distance to your event and the type of service you choose.)

  • Single Speaker Event: $40. Perfect for eat'n meet'ns, Birthday Meetings or just plain Speaker Meetings. Includes recording your your speaker and professionally labeled and packaged CD in a jewel case available immediately after your speaker finishes. MP3s are also available on our website!  (This price is for local recording only. Outside the immediate area will be slightly more depending on millage & available accommodations if required. )

  • Multi Speaker Event: Have a Round-Up, Conference, Convention or Camp-Out? Includes individual recordings of all your speakers professionally labeled in jewel cases and box sets of all speakers in professionally labeled multi CD cases. Contact Us today for a price quote. Custom Cover Art is also available!

  • PA Services Small Venue: $25. We provide everything needed to add just enough volume to your event so even those "old timers" at the back of the room can hear!

  • PA Services Medium to Large Venues: $50. Having a conference, outdoor picnic or camp-out? have a large room that doesn't have a sound system? we make sure your speaker will be heard even in the nose bleed section. (outdoor venues require the availability of electric power)

  • Custom Cover Art: Starting at $25. We can work with you to design eye catching cover art for your CD singles or Box Sets. Make your speaker CDs stand out above the rest by adding Custom Cover Art. Already have the Artwork? No Problem! Provide us with a usable jpg file and we'll make it happen.

* All Speakers are "gifted" a CD of their talk by After all, they're the one's doing the speaking!

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